The 9 Best Split Testing Apps for WordPress
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The 9 Best Split Testing Apps for WordPress

You can spend all of the time in the world building your landing pages or prepping your site for the ultimate email list building campaign, but how do you know whether all of this works? There always has to be a point where you choose between two different styles for your landing page.

You’ve probably had to do this already. Do you know which one you chose and why? Was there any logic behind your decision at all, or was it just based on your own personal taste? Choosing pages, opt-in forms, buttons and every type of design based on your own preferences is one of the worst things that you can do. Why would you assume that everyone has the same tendencies and opinions as you?

The only way to make decisions online is with hard data, and that means testing your pages, themes, and titles to see which ones are the most effective for your site. A/B split testing is a method for serving up two test subjects (whether they be themes, pages, buttons, or just about anything else) and seeing which one works the best. The tools are plentiful, so let’s take a look at some of the best split testing apps for WordPress.