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90+ Ways to Speed Up WordPress (The Ultimate List)

If you are looking for all the tips to speed up your WordPress website performance, you will love this list.According to web design agency Chromatix founder Irwin Hau, of all factors in determining website success, web speed is THE most important factor above design, CMS choice and user ...

Top 7 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins [Infographic]

Did you know it is estimated that by 2021, there would be over 2.14 billion global digital buyers? It is truly mind-boggling. Right? Where businesses are going digital, and buyers are going online. According to statistics, it is expected that by 2023, e-commerce sales will account for 22% of all ...

Wix vs WordPress-10 Important Differences to Consider

Do I need to spend time learning WordPress when I can create a website using Wix in lesser time?This is a question that beginners may think about when choosing to create a website.The Wix vs. WordPress comparison debate is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. As WordPress powers more than 30% of ...

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