BLO WordPress Theme Review (Features, Pros & Cons)


Good luck if you're browsing through theme stores for a flexible WordPress theme for your business! 

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available on ThemeForest. No wonder WordPress runs 35% of the internet. Many themes are promoted as the perfect solution for upcoming and established businesses. 

Finding the one that meets your needs is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  In this post, we will give you a detailed review of the Blo WordPress theme and why you should consider using it for your corporate website.

Lets dive right in

Blo WordPress Theme - Overview & Price

One of the best options for building a website for startups is the Blo theme. 

XpeedStudio developed it as a Multi-concept Corporate Business WordPress Theme, which specifically aims to serve the needs of startups, apps, digital agencies, & corporate businesses. At U.S $49, it's worth a close look.

Let's dig in to learn more about the theme's features and pros and cons.

Theme Features

BLO theme has some amazing features that will facilitate you as a web designer and also be beneficial for your audiences. Let’s learn more about these features.    


Elementor is a tool that helps you build websites visually and replaces the basic WordPress editor. You can make the changes live, adding and removing elements in the website design without having to enter the preview mode to view changes. The elementor page builder is an excellent time-saving tool.

The elementskit is also excellent for integrating any plugin seemlessly. Whether you're looking to add a woocommerce plugin or Mailchimp, you can effortlessly do it. 


Responsive Design

A significant number of internet users use cell phones and different handheld devices. In fact, about 56% of internet users connect from these devices. It is a no brainer that your website should be friendly for all these devices.

BLO WordPress theme is fully responsive and gives excellent clarity on all kinds of devices. The theme is also competitive with all the mainstream internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge.  

Design Options

There are six home page designs and five menu styles that you can use. These designs also have headers and footers prebuilt as well. 

You also get unlimited Google font in the theme. This kind of flexibility will help you develop the ideal web design.

Easy to Customize

If you're making a website with the Blo theme, it is much easier to customize it with minimal effort. You can add and remove elements in a jiffy. You even get options for the 404 error page.

Email Marketing Options

You can benefit from Mailchimp, an email marketing tool integrated into the theme. It makes your email campaigns easier.

SEO Optimization

The theme comes with built-in SEO plugins that help you achieve higher rankings in search engine results. It can also help you lower your bill for these services.  

Pros and Cons of the BLO WordPress Theme

It is a good idea to know about the pros and cons of the theme before you decide to get it or otherwise. Let’s take a dig to find out more about BLO – corporate business WordPress theme. 

The Pros

There are quite a few pros that make BLO theme an excellent option for your website.

Easy to Build with Elementor

You can build your website quickly with the theme, thanks to the elementor. You do not need to go back and forth to view updates either. Just drag and drop elements and remove those that don't work for you. You preview the changes as you incorporate them.

Allows Greater Creativity

Besides cutting down designing time, the theme's drag and drop option also helps you become more creative. You can try different options and come up with your own, novel ideas. There is on restrictions on what you can achieve. 

Prebuilt Demos with Inner Pages

You can download a prebuilt website, equipped with essential pages such as about us service pages, and contact us, among others, within a few seconds. There is a total of ten prebuilt templates that you can benefit from.

Helps in Better Website Conversions

The theme uses the Contact Form 7 plugin, allowing you to customize your website's contact forms. You can place your own validation messages and display the success message in 40 different languages.

You can get all the essential elements, including customization options for your contact forms. And you can do all this without having to write a single line of code.

Contemporary Design

The built-in designs are ideal for all kinds of contemporary audiences. Unlike some of the other themes on the market, its design does not look like it's still the 1990s. 

They cater to the needs of different niches. The designs will certainly help you attract more audiences for a more extended period.  

Easy Documentation

The documentation with the theme is easy to understand. Plus, there are tutorials available along with the documentation from the author to add further ease. All of this adds up to make the user experience smooth and worthwhile. 

Respected Company

XpeedStudio is a highly respected name in the industry. They have a few dozen products available on the ThemeForest with thousands of sales. Company's ElementsKit plugin is highly sought after due to the ease it introduces into your web designing.

The Cons

It's hard to believe that anything can be perfect because it can't be. There are a couple of cons, along with the many pros for the BLO WordPress theme.  

Not Enough Demos

The available demos are pretty useful for the users. But, it would have been great if the authors added a few more.

Some of the competition offers significantly more options in the same area. More demos will offer an even broader range of options for the clients.

Very Few Updates

You will only see updates occasionally. BLO is a well-established theme that works nicely, but updates always add some more value for the websites.    

The Bottom Line

You have lots of WordPress theme options available on ThemeForest for your website. Some of them offer many additional features that help you build a robust website that is easy to maintain. BLO WordPress theme is one of those choices.

It offers many features that make a website friendly for you and your intended audience. Whether it's the elementor or the prebuilt website demos, they all help. Many useful plugins are available with this theme, such as Contact Form 7 and SEO plugins.   

BLO is undoubtedly the theme any startup, corporate businesses, and digital agencies want and need. Whether you run an ecommerce business or offer business related information, XpeedStudio has ensures that everyone can benefit from the theme.  

So if you're looking for a robust website working in these areas, BLO is the ideal solution.  

If you want to get a BLO WordPress theme, click here!

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