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How to Fix WordPress Image Errors

When you add images to your WordPress blog, you can transform your website into something aesthetically pleasing.  According to statistics, blogs with images receive 94% more views.   Whether you have been working on WordPress for while, or you are new to it, you might have ...

How to Easily Create a WordPress Sticky Post?

So you put in a lot of time and effort to create an awesome piece of content in WordPress. Unfortunately, as you add more articles, your masterpiece drops down in the list of blog posts.  Looking to pin one of your posts on the top of your blog? In this tutorial, we are going to show you ...

How to Hide a Featured Image From a Single WordPress Post

Recently, a friend inquired about the easiest option to hide a featured image from an individual post in WordPress.I had heard of the plugin “Hide Featured Image” so I asked him to try it out. Unfortunately for him, the plugin didn’t work...Why ?It was last updated more than 2 years ago and hadn’t ...