Learn about all things WordPress! Find out how it all started, when the latest release comes out and why more than 22% of the world’s websites use it.

How to Maintain a WordPress Website

There are millions of articles on the web that tell you how you can maintain your WordPress website. So, why another article on the same subject? Well, we believe there’s a gap that every other WordPress maintenance article is trying to fill. And that gap is the results that one can achieve after ...

E-Commerce Categories and Tags (What you Need to Know)

Creating easy navigation and search functionality is an important part of a high converting eCommerce site. Many customers who know exactly what they want will use the magnifying glass or search functionality to find what they are looking for. Other customers, who are ...

How to Downgrade WordPress (Step-by-Step Guide)

Today, let us explain how you can downgrade WordPress to its previous version.  It is always recommended to use the most updated version of WordPress software. But sometimes, a website becomes unresponsive or faces other issues after updating it to the latest WordPress software. A plugin or ...

4 Best WordPress CD/DVD Themes (The Ultimate 2021 List)

Create a WordPress eCommerce store within 5 minutes! A WordPress DVD theme will make sure your website stands out as an eCommerce platform.  But not all WordPress themes are created equal. Some increase the website's load time while others don't highlight the products the way they need to. ...

How to Reinstall WordPress (Step-by-Step Guide)

Click here Your WordPress website met some common errors. No troubleshooting method worked.As a last resort, reinstall WordPress to fix the issue!However, this should be your last option and before you opt to reinstall WordPress, first try to identify the error source and then fix ...

How to Change ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ Tagline

If you are new to WordPress, you will see your website having a tagline saying 'Just Another WordPress Site' in the header right below the site title. A tagline specifies what a visitor must expect from a brand. However, you might want to replace the default WordPress tagline with something more ...

How to Easily Hide Author Name from WordPress Posts

The metadata in WordPress posts includes the author name, publishing date, and modification date. The mentioning of the author's name helps users to connect with your content. When they like the writing style of a particular author, they want to hear more from him. The author's name also gives a ...

How to Justify Text in WordPress (with or without Plugins)

Yes.Ever since WordPress has updated to the version 4.7, it has the 'justify text' option missing.Why? Because the justified text was not giving the same readability experience across different browsers so the WordPress team decided to remove it from the tool bar.Therefore, in this article, we have ...

How to Easily Unpublish WordPress Site, Posts and Pages in 2021

Website owners disable their WordPress site for a number of reasons. Often, they cannot find the time to manage the website and choose to unpublish it for the time being. This way, they don't lose their data and can recover their site in the future quickly. Or perhaps you have a site that is ...

55+ Examples of Famous Brands & Companies Using WordPress

Have you ever wondered which famous brands have websites made with WordPress?We do too! In fact, we found the idea so intriguing that we searched all over the web to find famous WordPress sites. And as expected, the result is a HUGE list of renowned companies using WordPress to enhance their online ...

16 Safest Places to Find Free Images for WordPress in 2021

Finding the perfect image is a challenge for many bloggers. It's like there are millions of questions to consider: Where to find pictures that are relevant to my blog site?What is the best placement for photos on the free website builder I am using?How many should I include?Is it even safe to use ...

12 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services in 2021 [Pros & Cons]

No doubt about it.WordPress is considered to be among the best blog sites out there.Every day, thousands of individuals, hobbyists, and business owners make the decision to join millions of websites served by WordPress. Even, famous companies and brands use WordPress to enhance their online ...

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