Learn about all things WordPress! Find out how it all started, when the latest release comes out and why more than 22% of the world’s websites use it.

91 Ways to Speed Up WordPress (The Ultimate List)

If you are looking for all the tips to speed up your WordPress website performance, you will love this list. These 91 tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you improve your WordPress performance.  And you can filter through the list to find something you haven't already tried before. Check ...

Top 7 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins [Infographic]

Did you know it is estimated that by 2021, there would be over 2.14 billion global digital buyers? It is truly mind-boggling. Right?? Where businesses are going digital, and buyers are going online, it is expected that by 2023, e-commerce sales will account for 22% of all retail sales worldwide. ...

Wix vs WordPress-10 Important Differences to Consider

Do I need to spend time learning Wordpress when I can create a website using Wix in lesser time?This is a question that beginners may think about when choosing to create a website.The Wix vs. WordPress comparison debate is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. As WordPress powers more than 30% of ...

11 Most Wanted WordPress Security Plugins (2020)

Did you know that on average, hackers successfully break into more than thirty thousand websites each day !! More than 30% of the world's websites use WordPress and its popularity makes it an excellent choice for hackers to attack. Losing your site to a hacking attempt could mean losing your ...

17 Best Blog Sites (2020)

Blogging is an ideal way to express your views and ideas on literally anything in the world let it be technology, fashion, traveling, etc. You may have one of many reasons to start a blog. It could be to increase your website’s traffic, money blogging to generate income or to connect with ...

10 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services (2020)

Selecting a hosting service can be a difficult decision to make for beginners as you have so many options to choose from. Then you have to make the decision of going for a free web host or pay extra to get the premium services.  Free WordPress Hosting is a good option to consider if you are ...

Why WordPress is the best free website builder?

In former times, when one thought about spreading their business to new horizons, the initial steps would include getting a website online.However, the process was not a simple one. You either had to hire a web designer by paying a hefty amount to build your website or needed to develop the website ...

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