4 Best WordPress CD/DVD Themes (The Ultimate 2023 List)

Create a WordPress eCommerce store within 5 minutes!

A WordPress DVD theme will make sure your website stands out as an eCommerce platform. 

But not all WordPress themes are created equal. Some increase the website's load time while others don't highlight the products the way they need to. However, no matter which theme you choose, make sure to update it on time to speed up your WordPress website.

Powerful WordPress CD/DVD themes are essentially compatible with popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. They are easily customized featuring bespoke tools that will transform a regular website into a fully functioning ‘eCommerce store.'

In this post, we have enlisted 4 WordPress CD/DVD themes. These are handpicked as they impressed us in speed, ratings, reviews, sales, and overall performance.

Let's have a look!

Gamez - The Most Customizable WordPress DVD Theme

The Gamez theme is visually stunning. 

It is effortless for buyers to decide on a movie/game/book or any product's purchase. It features all necessary options like reviews, latest news, spotlight this month, advertising spots.

Winning Feature – Engaging Visuals

Gamez theme have high quality visuals

This theme's highlight has to be the high quality and large, action-packed visuals presented in a highly engaging manner.

Its gaming-focused design entertains the viewers with eye-catching graphics. From the main homepage to other subsections of the website, you will find the product images presented neatly. 

You can try its one-click demo import feature to get a quick preview of how your website will look.

The homepage keeps the users engaged with motion graphics: one game/movie after another. This helps deliver the value of your brand fast. In fact, a user will take the initial 0.05 seconds to decide whether to stay on this website or not.

Which Feature Makes This WordPress Theme User-Friendly?

Smooth Navigation – Multiple design templates used in theme make it a smooth experience for users to find what they are looking for.

smooth navigation in Gamez WordPress Theme

Fewer Menu Options

A website based on the Gamez theme will have a maximum of six menu tabs featured on the main page. This allows users to process the information presented easily. Too many tabs can result in users scanning past a vital product or piece of information in the navigation menu.

No Negative Space in Menu Bar

The header height is kept very low—this aids in making the navigation bar enjoy an excellent visual weight.

The Right Color Contrast

As you can guess from the image above, the color contrast used to display the menu makes it easily distinguishable from the page design.

Menu Placement Follows a Guessable Sequence

The rest of the menus are placed in familiar places. This includes ‘Spotlight This Month' set right below the motion graphics of games. The other expected sections also have their sites where users expect to find them. 

Simple Design

There are no fancy animated effects used in any of the navigation bars in this WordPress theme. The plain and simple design used in this theme makes it less distracting for the viewers.

Which UX Feature Aids in Boosting Revenue?

Cross-Selling Suggestions

One feature that Gamez offers that is essential and should come native to your website design is the cross-sell option.

This WordPress theme comes integrated with popular plugins like Widgetkit. This lets you include premium add-ons in your website for Elementor Page Builder.

While a person is going through the ‘Latest News' section on your website, he is offered an additional service under the heading ‘Best Deal.' This is cross-selling subtly. 

You might be an eCommerce store selling photo editing tutorials or video games. A user, who comes to read a tutorial of a software or the latest news about a game, cross-selling a good game deal can make him buy! 

Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Integrated with popular plugins
  • SEO optimized
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Post review system
  • Fully responsive design
  • Auto-update functionality
  • Smart templates

Uncode - High Performance WordPress DVD Theme

Uncode comes with the most complete package of customization features. 

For an eCommerce store, this WordPress theme offers different yet creative methods to present a product's detail. 

For us, Uncode took all credit for its extensive media gallery features. Let's see why we included this feature in the winning feature criteria.

Winning Feature - Multimedia Gallery

Unlike the other themes in our list, Uncode allows videos, and podcasts, and pictures in a website's multimedia gallery.

You can feature the same product in different ways. These methods really help the users attain a better understanding of the product you sell:

  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Spotify podcast
  • Spotify songs
  • SoundCloud playlist
  • Self-hosted videos

Since the audio and video files are added into galleries, they don't occupy much space. This means they don't affect or slow down your website's loading speed.

The automatic resize feature of Uncode sets the same aspect ratio of each video file so that the gallery is arranged neatly.

For a modern touch, videos play in a lightbox in the Uncode theme.

Which Feature Makes This WordPress Theme User-Friendly?

Slides Scroll – makes website navigation very comfortable.

uncode theme slide scroll feature

This feature allows you to turn your website's conventional navigation method into a presentation

Slides scroll makes the user transition from one section of a page to the next section with a single mouse scroll. This is a bonus feature for mobile users. 

You can apply any of these transitions to enable the slides to scroll effect:

  • Curtain
  • Parallax
  • Zoom and
  • 3D

Such stunning visual transitions do one thing:  

They make it very easy for customers to process the information about the products and services you are offering.

The smooth scrolling minimizes the time spent on scrolling and page loading. One can use the saved time to focus on the website and what it has to offer.

Which UX Feature Aids in Boosting Revenue?

Adaptive Images – enhances the viewing experience.

This particular feature is not present in most of the WordPress CD/DVD themes. Yes, responsive images are a common feature. But with Uncode's adaptive images, the experience is something else.

In fact, Uncode is the sole WordPress theme offering the Adaptive Images feature making it the most responsive WordPress theme.

The accuracy and speed of re-scaling images with different screen sizes are commendable. 

This shortens the download time too. 

When your website is responsive, your eCommerce business is sure to convince the 37% of consumers who will buy from a responsive mobile website.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Front-end Editor
  • Back-end Editor (uses drag and drop editor)
  • 410 Wireframe layouts
  • One-click demo import
  • WooCommerce Product Builder
  • Privacy Plugin (GDPR)

Shopinia - Modern and Unique WordPress Theme

Shopinia is a WooCommerce multi-vendor theme. It is a beautiful mix of stylish and contemporary.

From electronics to home accessories, you can quickly establish an eCommerce store with this theme.

Choose from more than 10 pre-made homepage layouts and make your products stand out.

Winning Feature - Minimalist Design

shopinia minimalist design

From each of the free demos available, one thing in common: focus on products.

No text overload, clean and clear categories, and vivid call-to-action direct attention to what the user came for: shopping for a specified product.

The background color used in each layout is either white or different tints of nudes. This makes your product images and descriptions shine.

Which Feature Makes This WordPress Theme User-Friendly?

Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Compare, and Quick View Options – Shopinia theme is very user-friendly in terms of making a purchase.

shopping features in Shopinia WordPress Theme

The quick view feature instantly shows a quick preview of the product in an overlay window.  Users won't be leaving the page or have to open another page to view the details. The preview enlists detail about the product category, material, rating, price, item code, tags, and stock quantity. 

Customers can add the product to the wishlist too if they intend to buy it later. Naming the wishlist further customizes the wishlist for them so they can create multiple wishlists.

shopinia Theme naming the wishlist feature

Users can add the product to the cart even without the preview. This makes the user experience very fluid.

With the availability of the compare option, one can make an informed purchase decision. This feature enables the user to compare different products (of the same category) in the eCommerce store.

This is especially useful when you have a gaming or a movie store where users need to know what other similar products have to offer.

Which UX Feature Aids in Boosting Revenue?

RTL Support – Shopinia is incorporated with RTL (right to left) layout support. This feature facilitates you to build a multilingual WordPress website.

65% of online shoppers buy from eCommerce stores that display information about a product in their local language.

Your eCommerce store built on Shopinia caters to a broader audience who speak languages written from right to left. These include Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian, and many more

This is practically helpful when you are thinking of giving out international services. 

The RTL support will translate the website into the native language of the visitor. This will keep visitofrs who do not speak or understand English from bouncing back. 

Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Many shortcodes
  • Retina ready
  • Typography using Google fonts
  • WooCommerce integration
  • SEO Friendly 
  • CSS Markup

CyberStore - The Fastest WordPress DVD Theme

CyberStore is a multi-purpose theme for establishing a tech or any eCommerce store.

Currently, the theme has six layouts on board. Each one stands out for its concise nature. You can make an informed choice with the one-click demo importer's help that lets you preview each website setup in depth. 

We love how each layout focuses on displaying products in the proper light.

Compatibility with WooCommerce and the built-in WPBakery page builder owes to the flexibility of the CyberStore theme.

Winning Feature - Slider Revolution

Google puts it clearly:

“It's all about the meaningful motion.”

CyberStore comes bundled with a free slider revolution – a feature that lets you create animated image slideshows on the homepage.

Displaying products one after another is an intelligent tactic used by many websites to engage the users instantly.

While CyberStore gives you full control over managing the product display animations, the cinematic zoom effect is our personal favorite. 

We highly recommend using a slider revolution for a tech eCommerce store featuring multi-category merchandise. This tool pays off (without much effort) in converting that 38% of people who will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive into leads.

Using this single feature, you can compress promo offers, sale offers, grouped products (deals), and so much more in a limited space.

Which Feature Makes This WordPress Theme User-Friendly?

Pricing Tables – shows the customers a list of plans to choose from that suits their needs and budget the best.

CyberStore Pricing Tables help users compare different products

You will immediately notice how specific CyberStore's theme is.

There is a compare button present below each individual as well as grouped products description.

You can easily customize the different categories showing their differences effectively. Control the color, font size, and borders that catch your visitors' attention to the most essential features of a product/service.

Which UX Feature Aids in Boosting Revenue?

Blog Layouts – Gives a competitive benefit to an eCommerce store like you. 

blogging feature

ECommerce blogging is a critical marketing strategy that is often overlooked. 

Today's searchers are finding answers for queries. These include your potential clients too.

Blogging is free from selling features. Its sole purpose is to generate the reader's interest in a particular thing closely related to a product or a service you sell. 

For instance, if you sell games, your gaming blog will be a platform where you can show your love for gaming. It will also help you create an interactive community of gamers who can comment on their experience with a particular video game. Their comment can help trigger a positive response into a reader who decides to buy a game from you.

This is the secret behind marketers who blog getting 13 times more revenue on investment than those who don't.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Translation ready – Website can be translated into any language in the world
  • Google fonts – over 800 are available
  • 7 icon packs
  • Compatible with useful SEO plugins
  • Responsive on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC)
  • Mega menus

Our favorite Pick?

The Uncode theme, with all the flexibility and features it has to offer, won our hearts. We loved the ease of adding video and audio files to the website without making the site heavy.

We found this WordPress theme the best package in this price range for an eCommerce store. The review section for this theme is exploding with praises for the customer support team. This is a golden point if an amateur has installed the theme for the first time. He will definitely get stuck in multiple places. A responsible and quick support team will make the process faster and easier for him. 

Take a look at a happy customer's review below for reference:

happy customer sharing his experience of Uncode Theme

We hope this guide helped you choose a suitable WordPress CD/DVR theme.

Leave your valuable feedback with your comments below. 

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