Staging Sites Made Easy With WP Stagecoach
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Staging Sites Made Easy With WP Stagecoach

When someone I know from the Seattle area comes out with a new WordPress service, that always catches my eye. But when I have friends who have been working on something for awhile now, making sure it is damn good before they release it, well, I anticipate that moment of launch. This is exactly what happened on June 1 with WP Stagecoach.

You may or may not know what a staging service can do for you. A lot of managed WordPress hosting like WPEngine and GoDaddy Pro have it as part of the service, as well as others.

Having been with WPEngine for a while, staging has saved my butt numerous times.

The staging feature allows you to move your whole site over into a separate area where you can do whatever you want before your site goes live: change the theme, edit content, delete or add and setup plugins, or best of all, update your WordPress version or plugins or theme.