How to Split Test Blog Post Headlines for WordPress
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How to Split Test Blog Post Headlines for WordPress

Are you pouring your all into blog posts only to get few visits, shares, or comments? Even when blog posts are well crafted, they may go unread if your headlines aren’t catching your audience’s eye. But speculating about which titles might potentially perform well won’t provide you with empirical results.

With the Title Experiments Free WordPress plugin, you can test headline variations to discover which one gets the most clicks. In this way, the plugin helps you generate interesting titles that are tailored to your audience. Read on to learn more about the Title Experiments Free WordPress Plugin and how to use it to draw more visitors to your website!

Introducing the Title Experiments Free Plugin

Have you ever written a blog post and then narrowed down your headline choices to two or three? What do you do next? Without knowing exactly how your readers will respond to any of your selections, you’ll likely guess which title you think will be well received…