Revisr – Git for WordPress
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Revisr – Git for WordPress

If you’re a developer who uses WordPress, chances are that you probably try to implement processes in your development workflow into WordPress. One such process is the use of version control. At the very basic level, version control essentially creates checkpoints in your code, allowing you to go back in time if something goes wrong. Arguably, the most popular version control software today is Git.

Implementing such a system in WordPress is not difficult. You can create a Git repository to manage your WordPress source code (which is possible only on the self hosted version). Additionally, you can create a database dump and add it to the repository. Commits through time would track changes in your files and database.

Although Git repositories can be managed through an array of powerful commands on the terminal or GUI clients which do the heavy lifting, we are going to talk about Revisr in this post. Revisr is a plugin which helps you manage your files and databases within the WordPress admin panel.