Moving WordPress: Moving a Multisite Network
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Moving WordPress: Moving a Multisite Network

So far in this series I’ve shown you how to move a standard WordPress installation, but how do you move a Multisite network? The answer is that it’s not too different from a single site, but there are a few extra considerations. Here I’ll show you how.

In this seven part series I’ll show you how to move a WordPress site, focusing on several different scenarios:

using plugins to move a single WordPress site
moving your site from a subdirectory to the root directory
moving a single WordPress site manually
moving a WordPress Multisite network (this part)
moving a blog out of a Multisite network
moving a site into a Multisite network
What You’ll Need

To follow this tutorial, you’ll need:

An installation of WordPress with themes and plugins running on it plus some content—posts, pages, media—whatever happens to be in your site! Your installation should have Multisite activated.
A second location which you want to move your site to.
An FTP client and a code editor
Access to phpMyAdmin.