How to Use Desktop Server – Your New BFF
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How to Use Desktop Server – Your New BFF

You know that one friend. We all have one. When we’re with them we feel 50 pounds lighter, 20 years younger, and 10 IQ points smarter. That friend has a way of boosting our confidence until we become the person she thinks we are.

I’d like to introduce you to my new BFF, DesktopServer.

[crowd roars, standing ovation, tears wiped away, TedTalk bow, drops clicker]

Well, just kidding, but not really.

But first — backstory.

In this post I talk about how I stumbled into a class at WordCamp San Diego. The title of the class had no meaning to me: “Installing WordPress Locally and Remotely”. What!? But as soon as Stephen Carnam described DesktopServer (which he created with his bare hand!) in detail, I had to stop myself from standing up and yelling,