How to turn your Flickr albums into a WordPress gallery
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How to turn your Flickr albums into a WordPress gallery

If you’re photographer, chances are you are using one or more galleries plugins to display your photos in your WordPress website. There are hundreds of galleries free plugins to choose from, with some the most popular ones being NextGen Gallery.

But what if all your photos are already on Flickr? A new cloud based solution by lets you add your entire Flickr albums and photos to your WordPress without the need to import or re-upload your photos to your WordPress sites. With 1 terabyte of free space on Flickr, you can upload all your photos to your Flickr account and use appreplica’s free plugin to display full featured galleries in your WordPress website without slowing down or using up your own server’s disk space. The process takes about 5 minutes to setup and once setup, Appreplica automatically retrieves any future updates you make to your albums and photos and Flickr, so your Flickr account will always remain in perfect sync with your WordPress site.

To begin, you first create a free account on – unlike most plugins, Appreplica is a cloud based solution, so all the complex code runs within their own servers rather than your own web server. A lightweight plugin then takes the ready make code and renders it in your own WordPress site using a combination of ajax and iframes. So the initial setup is done within your account on Appreplica.