Generate Documentations For PHP Projects Through Sami
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Generate Documentations For PHP Projects Through Sami

Developers regularly create large blocks of code that form parts of API’s and other mid to large level projects. While there is a (more or less) agreed upon convention for code writing, every developer has a personal comment and documentation writing standards. Some add small cryptic notes while others attach full-length Google Docs that document the method or class in painful details. This problem becomes very severe when the number of end users increases and there is a need for proper documentation of the project.

Now I will start with an example of a  well formed code:

<?php namespace SearchElastic; use SearchElasticSearchAbstractSearchAbstract; /** * Class to perform basic search extends from SearchElasticSearchAbstractSearchAbstract */ class Search extends SearchAbstract { /** * Search in Elasticsearch. * * @param string $query * @return Result from elasticsearch */ public function search($query) { $this->validate($query); $client = $this->client->getClient(); $result = array(); // Change the match column name with the column name you want to search in