Designmodo Has Released Startup Framework for WordPress
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Designmodo Has Released Startup Framework for WordPress

Back in February 2014 Designmodo released its website builder tool called Startup Design Framework, which was not WordPress specific, but definitely helped a lot of startups (originally it was dedicated to them) to create better looking websites a lot more easily.

The tool was advantageous of course for designers and developers too, mainly because it can incredibly speed up the workflow. Including a 100 customizable content blocks, the tool based on Bootstrap 3 made the process of building a website quick and easy. After the great success and interest it wasn’t a question what to do next: improve the tool and make it compatible with WordPress. That’s how Startup WordPress Theme was released not so long ago.

Why does it make it so easy to work with WordPress? The bottom line is that it’s been calibrated for WordPress, combining two relevant features that rock together: an exquisite visual editor and a drag and drop interface. Read on to learn how simply it works.