BYLT Genesis Themes
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BYLT Genesis Themes

BYLT is a curated collection of Genesis Child Themes.

BYLT was created as a home for all our fellow Genesis developers. It’s a platform for showcasing (and selling, of course :P) the best work the community has to offer.

There are a few key factors that set BYLT apart from other theme marketplaces. First, it was created by SPYR Media and no other marketplace can make this meaningless claim. It’s also dark gray and teal which is pretty cool. So there are two huge things right there.

Another factor that makes BYLT unique is that it’s developer driven. It’s the developer who does the work and it’s the developer who determines the worth. Themes in the BYLT collection will not be forced into a pricing structure but rather be priced based on developer output and value to the user…as it should be.