14 Top Plugins for WordPress Multisite
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14 Top Plugins for WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants more than one website but doesn’t want to go to the trouble of installing WordPress more than once. Whether you’re creating a network of sites for yourself or for others, Multisite gives you an easy to use, flexible platform that can hold anything from a few to millions of sites.

WordPress Multisite really comes into its own when used with a few key plugins. I’ve been using Multisite for different applications for some years now, and I’ve identified a list of top plugins that I use on most of the networks I create.

This list comes under three categories:

Plugins to help with the creation of sites in your network
Plugins to help you manage your Multisite network
Plugins that will enhance your network’s performance and security

So here are 14 top plugins that I recommend to anyone setting up a WordPress Multisite network.