10 Best Eco-Conscious WordPress Themes for Your Business
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10 Best Eco-Conscious WordPress Themes for Your Business

Fortunately for our planet, the growing trend of businesses with eco-conscious practices shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re an eco-pioneer running a ‘green’ business, you’ll want to convey that trait through your website. To do so, you’ll need to find a WordPress theme that can help you channel your mission.

With the number of eco-conscious businesses on the rise, theme authors are responding with some wonderful creations that cater to their needs. These typically incorporate green and ‘natural’ elements into their design and often offer features suited to nonprofits, such as custom event post types and progress bars.

This article will cover ten of the best eco-conscious WordPress themes available and take a look at what makes them so great. Let’s get started!

1. Earth Eco Environmental WordPress Theme

Our own Earth theme was created with eco-friendly websites in mind. Its neutral palette can help you add an earthy tone to your overall aesthetic, or you can adjust it to