Where Does WordPress Store Images on Your Site?
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Where Does WordPress Store Images on Your Site?

Are you wondering where does WordPress store images on your website? Many beginners users have asked us how does WordPress store images and what they can do to organize their media library more effectively. In this article, we will explain how WordPress stores images on your site.

How Does WordPress Store Images?

WordPress comes with a built-in system to manage your media uploads like images, videos, music, documents, etc. This system allows you to upload, manage, edit, and delete files from your WordPress media library.

By default, WordPress stores all your images and media uploads in /wp-content/uploads/ folder on your server. All uploads are organized in a month and year based folders.

For example, all your media files uploaded in in March 2016 will be stored in:


You can view these folders by connecting to your WordPress site using an FTP client.