WordPress SEO Plugin For JSON-LD Structured Data Schema
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WordPress SEO Plugin For JSON-LD Structured Data Schema

In terms of search engine optimization and Internet marketing, one topic that continues to trend is structured data and schema.

If implemented correctly, this type of plugin may help improve your WordPress SEO as Google has actually said that structured data may become an SEO ranking factor.

As a quick refresher, structured data is SEO website code that enables you to tag content on your web pages to give Google clarity about the type of data that resides on your web page(s). If tagged correctly with Schema.org vocabulary, structured data increases the chances that Google and the other search engines will promote more of your content on the actual SERPs (search engine results pages).  For more information on how structured data and schema works and how it improves your website’s SEO, you might want to check out this Duct Tape Marketing post on Structured Data and Schema.

Google has detailed guidelines on structured data here.