WordPress Photo Plugins for All of Your Photo Needs
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WordPress Photo Plugins for All of Your Photo Needs

Adding photos to your WordPress website has many benefits such as breaking up blocks of text, adding a professional look to products or services you may be providing your customers, or even just enhancing your website to look more visually appealing. After all, while crafting great content is important for your website, including high-quality images to pair with that content, really makes your site stand out amongst your competition.

However, finding the right pictures to use for you website can be inconvenient as it is often time-consuming and frustrating. Another issue that tends to develop is whether the images you have found are being used according to their proper copyright licenses.

Being tempted to use Googles Images, or other internet image sources, to find an image can get you into some hot water should the copyright not allow for royalty free usage.

Today I will show you some WordPress photo plugins that not only make it easier to source great images for your blog posts, but will provide royalty free images that are safe to use on your blog without any legal issues.