The WordPress Photo Gallery (and How to Nail It)
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The WordPress Photo Gallery (and How to Nail It)

Photo galleries are an incredibly useful and versatile tool for WordPress websites. There’s many different types of galleries:

  • There’s the standard mosaic gallery
  • The masonry board gallery
  • The space-saving slider or carousel gallery
  • The multi-view product gallery
  • And even the company profile galleryIn today’s quick and dirty overview of the WordPress photo gallery, I’d like to talk about why you need them, how best to use them, and the WordPress tools you need to ensure they’re correctly integrated into your website.

    The WordPress Photo Gallery: Intro, Best Practices, and Tools

    Photo galleries aren’t just for photographers. If you have high-quality and engaging photos to show off, you should display them on your WordPress website.

    Here are some other popular ways to use photo galleries on company websites:

    Create a digital portfolio and demonstrate your quality of work and breadth of expertise. Showcase photos from a company-hosted or -attended event and let visitors see your “human” side. Make money by selling your