What is a WordPress Framework? Pros & Cons
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What is a WordPress Framework? Pros & Cons

Have you ever developed a theme from scratch?

Well if you have, you know how much time and skill it takes, and what a hassle it can be to get everything just right. You must enter line after line of specific code to meet the required functionality and design needs of your theme. You also run the risk of security exploits, missing out on crucial updates, or just making coding errors that can wreak havoc on your theme’s overall functionality.

Luckily for developers (and non-developers too!) WordPress frameworks exist to help streamline the theme development process so that your website is safe from security breaches, you lessen the risk of losing all of your custom design changes, and your website functions as it should to all of your loyal visitors.

Today we will look at what exactly a WordPress framework is, the pros and cons behind using one for your website, and some popular WordPress frameworks to get you started should you be interested in giving one a try.