What’s New in WordPress Version 4.3
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What’s New in WordPress Version 4.3

Led by Konstantin Obenland and dubbed ‘Billie’ (after jazz musician Billie Holiday), WordPress 4.3 has arrived — and entirely on schedule!

Nothing all that earth-shattering in this release folks, but there’s certainly at least a couple of very nice improvements that the majority of users will appreciate.

In short, there’s really four particularly noteworthy improvements. These are, in order of how influential we personally feel them to be: 1) a number of brand new keyboard shortcuts to assist in creating things like headings, lists and quotes within the WordPress editor; 2) the ability to create, update, assign and live-preview menus within the customizer; 3) an improved approach to handling passwords; and 4) the ability to add a site icon, which will appear both in browser tabs and on the homescreen of mobile devices when visitors bookmark your site.