Using Vagrant and IIS for WordPress Development
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Using Vagrant and IIS for WordPress Development

Many things (like communicating with a MS SQL server) can be emulated or replicated on a *nix environment, in which case the Vagrant workflow I’ve spent a lot of time and energy switching over to would work fine. In this case, however, I needed the environment to be specifically Windows-based, because the plugin I was planning on building was going to make use of COM functions to pull in and execute Visual Basic scripts that just wouldn’t run on anything other than Windows.

First, I asked my fellow devs. We do a lot of Microsoft work; maybe someone had a recipe or a Vagrant box I could use. No dice.

Vagrant is great because you can have different boxes emulating different environments. Your local machine’s filesystem (the “host” environment) can interact natively with the emulated operating system (the “guest” environment). My goal was to stick with Vagrant, somehow, to allow changes I make on my host to be reflected on the guest and then be able to see those changes in a browser. When no response was forthcoming, I took to Google. Surely someone has tried building on a virtualized Windows machine using Vagrant on OSX. Surely.