Using the PSRs (Versus the WordPress Coding Standards)
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Using the PSRs (Versus the WordPress Coding Standards)

At this point, I don’t know how many articles I’ve written about the importance of the WordPress Coding Standards (enough to link to them here, here, and here, I guess, which counts for something).

But after doing enough projects for clients and working with developers who are far smarter and familiar with advanced tooling than I am, I’m at a place where I’m opting to start using PSRs in WordPress WordPress development.

Oh the drama, right?

Seriously, though. There are reasons for this, and there are times in which I think the WordPress Coding Standards should still be used, but I’m quickly becoming more convinced that building any modern project on top of WordPress should use more modern PHP tools (which I’ll briefly mention later).

Using PSRs in WordPress Development

Posts like this often insight some debate or dramatic response within WordPress which isn’t my intent nor is it something that I think is even necessary. To be honest, I