How to Use Ajax in WordPress – a Real World Example
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How to Use Ajax in WordPress – a Real World Example

Ajax has rapidly become a popular web technology, you’ll find it used on most websites. The key feature of Ajax is it can manage database operations without reloading the web page. This means, you can fetch data from the database and display it on the front-end without needing to refresh the page.

It’s a fast and smooth way for displaying content, and as a result Ajax is now used in many various ways on a website, such as submitting blog comments, liking posts and uploading files. You can even make your website completely Ajaxified, so that each page of your site will load asynchronously.

Given the popularity of Ajax, most of the leading CMS platforms use it within their architecture. WordPress is no different. Actually WordPress employs Ajax in a very robust and easy way, and today I will show you just how you can use Ajax in WordPress with a real world example.