Upfront: Tweaking Elements with Custom CSS
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Upfront: Tweaking Elements with Custom CSS

Sometimes, what elements provide by default just isn’t enough. Maybe you want to add at extra shine to your slider, or perhaps the style of your site suggests that the tabs element could really do with a texture for its background?

Today I’m going to show you how to create your own re-usable Upfront element styles, and provide code snippets for you to make modifications of your own.

You will see how Upfront completely transforms the experience of modifying the CSS of your themes by placing it in context, and dynamically updating the layouts to reflect your changes. It makes the experience of augmenting your theme with CSS astonishingly easy by providing direct feedback on your input.

This is the fourth post in our series introducing how to use Upfront. We’re adapting an existing Upfront theme – in this case Spirit – and turning it into a completely different site, complete with its own branding, images, custom fonts and responsive layout.