Ultimate Guide to Using Parallax With Divi
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Ultimate Guide to Using Parallax With Divi

Trying to find the right size image for parallax can be a little frustrating. The image may look great as a standard background image, but then as soon as you select “Use Parallax Effect”, the image gets blown up and nothing looks right. To avoid this aggravation in the future, you need to understand what parallax is and what is happening to the image when it is put in parallax mode.

Today, I’m going to dive deep into the ways parallax works with Divi. I’ll explain exactly what happens when you use the two different parallax methods, what size image is best, and I’ll even throw in some custom css hacks to position your images just how you want them.

Let’s get going.

What is Parallax?

In regards to web design, parallax is a term used to describe an effect that gives the perception of life-like distance and motion using a kind of two-dimensional animation. This is accomplished by changing the