Turn your WordPress site into an app: Reactor Review
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Turn your WordPress site into an app: Reactor Review

WordPress has already conquered the Internet, and is slowly but surely turning its attention towards the world of apps.

This is nothing new: there are plenty of impressive services out there promising to turn your WordPress website into a full-blown app, suitable for inclusion on Google Play and the App Store.

One of the best of these services is AppPresser, which I discussed several months ago.

Well, the people behind AppPresser are back with their revolutionary new app builder, Reactor. This combines nearly a year’s worth of feedback from AppPresser to give WordPress users exactly what they want when building an app: namely, better performance, a user-friendly experience, offline capabilities, and more native features.

Co-founder Scott Bolinger was kind enough to put together a Torque app as a featured demo so Torque readers could see Reactor’s capabilities — check it out on Google Play, or you can view a demo of it here.

I’ve also been able to test Reactor out for myself, so that I can show you all how easy it is to use.