The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite
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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

Here at WPMU DEV, we’re more than a bit keen on WordPress Multisite.

We’ve been developing plugins for it since the old days when it was WordPress MU, and we use it to power Edublogs, a huge network of blogs for educators and students.

Personally I also use Multisite a lot. I use it to host client websites, to create sites demonstrating techniques I outline in my books and tutorials, and to keep everything in one place.

In this guide to Multisite I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get started with Multisite and create your own network of blogs or sites.

I’ll cover:

What is Multisite and how is it different from regular WordPress?
Uses for Multisite (with some examples)
When not to use Multisite
How to activate Multisite on a new or existing WordPress installation
Creating blogs in your network
Managing your network, including installing themes and plugins, creating sites and setting up domain mapping
Plugins to make Multisite even better.