The Page Security and Membership Review
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The Page Security and Membership Review

One of the largest membership sites I’ve worked on – which took a year of development – was an extranet. The way to think about an extranet is that it’s a membership site built for a company’s partners.

I’ve also worked on several intranets. Those are membership sites that are for employees only. Today they’re no big deal, but when you think about how complicated it could be, especially if you’re connecting it to internal systems, it won’t surprise you if I told you some of those projects have also taken months (or really close to a year).

What am I trying to tell you? Simply this.

Intranets & Extranets are membership sites too.

As you look at the plugins I’ve reviewed all month focused on membership sites, you’ll notice that several have a price tag. But yesterday’s didn’t. And neither does today’s.