How to Simplify Managing Multiple WordPress Sites
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How to Simplify Managing Multiple WordPress Sites

What You’ll Be CreatingI pitched this story to Envato Tuts+ back in August 2014 but have been too busy running WordPress and plugin updates on all my sites to find time to write it (well, and I had brain surgery).

Over time, I grew increasingly curious about WordPress network managers and whether they might save me time—ManageWP does. It’s a well-built administrative aggregator that lets you manage and post to your sites all from one service.

With more than a dozen WordPress updates this year and the cascading accompaniment of plugin upgrades, it becomes more and more time-consuming to keep up—especially if you run a lot of websites like many readers.

Or, let’s say you find a great plugin and want to install it on a dozen of your client’s websites? Generally, there goes a couple of hours.With ManageWP, you can upgrade WordPress and install plugins across your networks with a few