Securing WordPress from the Start
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Securing WordPress from the Start

WordPress security is an important element of owning a WordPress site and something you need to consider when creating a new WordPress site. In this post, we cover a few methods for securing WordPress from the start, and additional steps you can take to keep your existing WordPress site secure.

Secure WordPress by Installing WordPress Manually

Many hosting companies offer a one-click installation option for WordPress site. Although using a one-click install can make the process simpler and a little quicker, for the purposes of securing WordPress, it’s usually best to install WordPress manually.

1. Create a New Database

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create a database for your WordPress site. You can create a new database through your host’s cPanel or dashboard, using the MySQL database wizard.  Each host typically has its own setup, but usually allows you to create your database user, password and database all on one screen.