Pushing GitHub Repositories to WordPress with WP Pusher
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Pushing GitHub Repositories to WordPress with WP Pusher

This post is a review of the WP Pusher plugin, which lets developers develop WordPress plugins and themes locally, push their changes to GitHub (also supports Bitbucket and GitLab) and have those changes automatically pushed to a live WordPress installation.

A common workflow among developers, in a nutshell, is developing WordPress plugins and themes locally and pushing their projects to a GitHub (or similar service) repository. Once pushed to the GitHub repo, the developer can sync it up with a live WordPress installation (i.e. a client site) through various methods. WP Pusher is one of those methods and I’m going to explain how it works and why you should check it out.

I recently learned about WP Pusher when the plugin’s Twitter account followed me (I’m very glad it did). WP Pusher, written by developer Peter Suhm, is simply awesome! For this review, Peter was kind enough to provide a a copy of the plugin and a license key so big thanks to him!