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PressRoom is designed to let publishers focus on their editorial projects and business models. Build HTML based editions and distribute them to iOS Apps or Static Web Sites.

Future releases will include additional output channels. See the Roadmap

PressRoom manages an unlimited number of editorial projects that can be published to several channels at once. Each Editorial Project can have an unlimited number of issues. iTunes in-App purchases for single issues and subscriptions are also handled by PressRoom PRO.

PressRoom manages collections of data (articles, pages, custom post types, media, advertising packages) and build packages as static files (hpub, html). Publishers can finally go back to focusing on content and experimenting with new editorial products. Readers will enjoy a beautiful reading experience, anywhere and on any device.

Professional themes are available with PressRoom PRO, beautifully crafted for the reading experience on every screen size. Easly design your own themes with the WordPress Api. Real-Time preview your content and design while you work at any screen size with the built-in previewer.