Membership Plugin Review: Ultimate Member
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Membership Plugin Review: Ultimate Member

Over the course of July I’ve been writing daily about membership sites. Specifically I’ve been reviewing membership plugins. But before I get into the review today, I want to remind you of two warnings I regularly share with people. Maybe you’ve heard me say these things, but they still are worth repeating.

Here is warning number one: Don’t confuse a membership with a subscription. One is a sign of belonging, the other is a financial instrument.

Here is warning number two: Don’t confuse building a membership site & building a community. One is focused on technology, the other is about people.

I could write long blog posts about each of these tips, but this is a review of Ultimate Member, so we’ll get going. The reason I bring it up is because the developers behind Ultimate Member clearly “get it.” In short, they’ve built a plugin to help you build a community.