Mastering WP_Query: Related Functions
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Mastering WP_Query: Related Functions

Hi, and welcome to the second part of the series called “Mastering WP_Query”. In the first part, we started off with the series by simply introducing what the WP_Query class is. And in this second part, we’re going to learn about the functions related to WP_Query.

Let’s begin!

Harnessing the Power of WP_Query With Functions, Actions and Filters

I’m not an expert on programming, but I can see that the WP_Query class is one of the best examples of the MVC pattern. It’s extremely powerful, completely extensible, and very easy to use once you get to know the basics.

In addition to its properties, methods and parameters (which we’re going to go through in the future), WordPress offers extra functions and hooks (meaning actions and filters) to work with the WP_Query class. In this tutorial, we’re going to get to know the functions.