Manage Your Editorial Calendar with Edit Flow
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Manage Your Editorial Calendar with Edit Flow

Every blogger or head of an editorial team knows the key to any well-managed publication is a streamlined workflow.

You may be relying on tools like Trello and Asana to keep track of your team’s editorial workflow, but there’s a powerful plugin available right inside the WordPress repository that can help you get the job done.

It’s name is Edit Flow.

About Edit Flow

Edit Flow is an open-source plugin whose development is led by Daniel Bachhuber, Mo Jangda, Scott Bressler and Automattic. In short, it’s a free editorial plugin that comes with the following features:

A drag-and-drop editorial calendar. The ability for editors and authors to communicate with one another on the Edit Post page. The ability to assign custom statuses to posts. The ability to attach metadata to individual posts detailing each post’s requirements. And more!

Let’s learn how to use this plugin.

1. Installing Edit Flow

Go the Add New Plugin page in the WordPress admin