How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with MainWP
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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with MainWP

Managing multiple WordPress websites can quickly become a complete headache. With frequent plugin and theme updates, management of posts, pages and users, as well as backups to run, you can seemingly spend more time maintaining sites than doing anything else.

However, with MainWP, you can handle all your WordPress maintenance tasks from one central location. One login, one dashboard, and all your sites can be kept up-to-date and backed up with minimal hassle. Managing multiple WordPress sites can be done in just a few minutes, letting you get back to focusing on your business and your customers.

This article will first introduce you to MainWP. We will then go into how it works and how you can get started managing multiple sites.

How MainWP Works

MainWP is a fully free, fully open source, self-hosted WordPress management plugin. With over 7,000 active installs and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating, it has clearly made a place for itself in the field of WordPress website management.