Make Your WordPress Site BuddyPress-Ready
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Make Your WordPress Site BuddyPress-Ready

BuddyPress is a great tool for adding social networking to your WordPress site, but what if your site’s theme wasn’t built with BuddyPress in mind? Even worse, what if you have a regular WordPress theme that doesn’t play well with BuddyPress at all?

Missing menus, pages that aren’t displaying properly, perhaps even a sidebar or two that just look completely wrong… I’ll pause here to let you gasp. If this has been the case for any sites you’ve built, don’t panic! Read on.

Up until last year, you had to use BuddyPress-specific themes, which meant you could only use BuddyPress with just any old theme. BuddyPress 1.7 changed all that so you could add the plugin to any theme. Well, almost any theme.

In today’s post we’re going to work with the BuddyPress default templates, as well as create a child theme to help you get your site looking and working exactly how you want it, while also allowing BuddyPress to function perfectly.