KnowAll Review – A Full-Featured WordPress Knowledge Base Theme
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KnowAll Review – A Full-Featured WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

Have you ever encountered a knowledge base that was an absolute joy to use? It answered your questions, helped you get the most from the product, and eliminated the need to create a ticket.

Some companies have those knowledge bases. And some…don’t. I think we all like the former companies more than the latter.

KnowAll is a theme from HeroThemes that helps you join the list of companies with great support knowledge bases. If you need to create a knowledge base for your product or service, it’s an excellent option. And in this post, I’ll be taking a hands-on look at everything this WordPress knowledge base theme has to offer.

Why You Probably Need a Knowledge Base

In my brief stint as a working stiff, one of my job responsibilities was overseeing my company’s knowledge base. Through that experience, I learned first hand just how awesome knowledge bases can be.

See, you have the obvious support-oriented benefits like:

Fewer customer