How to Install WordPress Locally on Your Mac with MAMP
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How to Install WordPress Locally on Your Mac with MAMP

There’s a popular saying among entrepreneurs that you should try to break things first, so that you can make them better. But if the thing we’re talking about is your WordPress site, then you’d better handle it with care, because messing around too much could bring the whole thing crashing down!

Luckily, there’s a way to test changes to your site without having to worry about breaking it.

By developing a site locally – which means offline, on your computer – you can simulate how certain changes, such as new plugins or design layouts, will work on the internet without actually having to upload anything to the real thing.

But there’s even more good news about making a local version of your site. You can also test and develop new stuff to your heart’s content entirely on your computer, far away from Google’s prying eyes, and indeed anyone else’s. Then, when you’re ready to unveil your creation to the world, you simply upload the changes made to your local version onto the servers where your live site is hosted.