How to Install Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt in WordPress
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How to Install Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt in WordPress

In my previous article I explored why having an HTTPS site is better, why it was not widely adopted in the past and why it was severely limited (technology wise). This changed so rapidly with the advances in technology that having an HTTPS site now is not just a recommendation, it’s a viable option for newWordPress installations.

Even though many hosting companies are beginning offer built-in support for free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt not all hosts have jumped on board. In this article I’m going to cover several ways to manually implement a free SSL within WordPress depending on your hosting scenario. Let’s get into it!

Generate a Free SSL Certificate

There are several ways to generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate. In this section I’m going to explain how you can create and install SSL depending on your method of choice. After the certificate is generated when then proceed to Load the Certificate. Use whatever method you feel best according to your needs.