Improve WordPress Website’s Security With Google reCAPTCHA Plugin
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Improve WordPress Website’s Security With Google reCAPTCHA Plugin

Cyber Security is the one area that worries everyone from an everyday internet user to corporate web portal administrators. Since WordPress powers more than 27% of the web, it is often a prime target for hackers. Many experts suggest that security of your website is as important as speeding up your WordPress site.

Major tips for securing WooCommerce stores also apply to WordPress websites. In particular, always remember to secure WordPress websites with htaccess.

WordPress website administrators often face spam comments, automatic fake registrations as common security threats. CAPTCHA is a very powerful tool for protecting websites against bots. This security measure generates a security question that only humans can answer.

In this article, I will discuss how you can integrate Google reCAPTCHA in WordPress to control spam, abuse of forms and improve the security of the website.

Install Google reCAPTCHA Plugin

The first step is also the simplest. You just need to download, install and activate the most