How to Stop Spam Registration & Comments Easily with Goodbye Captcha
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How to Stop Spam Registration & Comments Easily with Goodbye Captcha

WordPress spam. Comment spam. Registration spam. The thorn in the flesh of most WordPress users. The bane of WordPress entrepreneurs across the board. I mean, every aspect of running a WordPress website can be fun, but taking care of spam, well, that doesn’t conjure the best of feelings.

Once, I let comment spam run amok on one of my WordPress sites. I was just being laaazy, so when I checked my comment folder two-or-so weeks later, I nearly passed out. The blog had gathered so much spam my heart twisted into a knot inside my chest. Well, sort of.

Suffice to say, weeding through all those comments for legit readers wasn’t something I was prepared for, so I just hit Move to Trash, and felt bad about it for a couple of hours. Lie. It hurts even today.

How the bad guys were posting endless strings of junk to my blog, in the process messing up my speeds and user experience, I have never known. This I say because I had some spam solutions set up. I pulled them all down, and stuck with Akismet, which has been great thus far. Additionally, I closed comments on older posts because some blogger said it would help matters.

In retrospect though, I wish I had had an anti-spam solution that completely locked out spammers and their stinky bots. After the ordeal, I was disappointed with plugins that caught spam long after the junk was already on my site. I craved an anti-spam solution that would stop spammers long before they could post anything. Because, you know, spammers are bullsh*t.