How To Promote Your Blog With CoSchedule
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How To Promote Your Blog With CoSchedule

No matter how many times you’ve launched a new WordPress blog, you know that launching a blog and actually writing a blog post are two different things. Writing for the blog isn’t easy, and when it comes time to finally publishing a post you’d think there should be fireworks, but this rarely happens.

Publishing can be such a chore, in fact, that we often see it as the finish line rather than the starting block. After you publish, the promotion of that post is only beginning, and there’s nothing worse than a blog post that hasn’t been properly distributed to the world.

This is a fundamental reason that we built CoSchedule, a WordPress editorial calendar. Too many of us spend hours crafting new content only to spend a few minutes promoting it on our social channels. This is a shotgun approach, and it represents a lost opportunity. We think we can fix that.