How to Display Featured Image in WordPress RSS feed?
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How to Display Featured Image in WordPress RSS feed?

Learn why your WordPress RSS feeds are important and how you can enrich your RSS feeds by adding featured images from your posts.

RSS feed of your WordPress blog is required for several popular applications and services around the web.

If you want to promote your blog in directories, feed readers, and other similar services, you still need to make use of your RSS feed. The problem with default WordPress RSS feed, however, is that it doesn’t include tags for your featured images.

You might have set your best image for a post as a featured image and it can be sad not to have that featured image appear in your RSS feeds.

Your feeds might look okay if you publish feeds with full text as you have other media files within your post. But if you publish only Summary in your Feeds, by default your feeds looks plain and do not include tags for an important visual element such as images.

Enriching your WordPress RSS feed to include featured images can help in improving your website’s presence significantly on necessary applications and services.