How To Create Your Own WordPress Shortcodes
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How To Create Your Own WordPress Shortcodes

Managing a WordPress website consists of much more than just writing blog posts.

There are themes and plugins to update, backups and security scans to run, comment moderation, database maintenance, and a myriad of other tasks… most of which are rather boring and repetitive.

But the most annoying tasks are the ones that crop up right in the middle of writing a post, like having to hunt down a piece of code to insert an ad, signup form, icon, or other common element into your post or page.

If you find yourself using the same bit of code over and over again, there’s an easier way — a shortcut that could save you a ton of time on managing your blog.

Instead of typing out all the code, or hunting it down to copy and paste it, you could use shortcodes.

You’ve probably used shortcodes before, maybe a native WordPress one or a custom shortcode