How to Conduct a Design Audit of Your Website
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How to Conduct a Design Audit of Your Website

As your website grows, there’s a chance its design might start to look somewhat stale. Keep in mind, design trends are constantly evolving, and being able to spot these issues is important if you want your site to look modern and ‘fresh’. Plus, you’ll also need to keep all of the aspects of your design looking uniform (and usable) to provide a good experience.

The best way to spot and correct these issues is with a design audit of your entire website. In this article, we’re going to teach you what these audits are and how they can help you. Then we’ll talk about some tools to help you conduct one, before finally showing you how to do so in three simple steps. Let’s get to work!

What a Design Audit Is (And How it Can Help You)

A design audit is when you sit down to review your website or company’s visual branding elements. In most cases, you’re looking for uniformity,