How to Fix Your Website’s Mistakes Using the Mistape Plugin
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How to Fix Your Website’s Mistakes Using the Mistape Plugin

Did you know that a single spelling mistake on your website has the potential to cut your online sales in half?

Informal writing has become the norm for websites these days. And I say right on! It’s more fun that way wouldn’t you agree? Especially when it comes to writing on blogs and sharing on social media. This conversational style of writing is more relatable to audiences, provides more value, and even simplifies things for easier understanding.

However, bending the grammar rules is not always going to reflect well with your readers and you may soon find yourself developing a reputation for being lazy, careless, or even worse, uneducated.

The truth is we are all human and humans make mistakes. No matter how many times we cross-reference our facts, spell-check our words, master our images, or polish our thoughts, errors in our content are bound to pop up now and again. Unfortunately these mistakes, no matter how minute they may seem, may not be taken lightly by your customers and can cause a drop in sales and loyalty.

So what do website owners do when faced with a problem that can affect their livelihood?